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Prevailing air quality, foggy condition levels reviewed

Environment Minister Imran Hussain on Friday reviewed the prevailing ambient air quality of Delhi in a meeting with the officers of Environment Department and Delhi Pollution Control Committee.

The Minister was briefed about the influence of multiple factors such as metrological parameters specially wind speed, wind direction, humidity and solar index on air in Delhi, since the national Capital is facing foggy conditions at present.

The Environment Department said in winters, particularly when fog/mist develops in the city, a general perception prevails that the air quality worsens, whereas the fact is that fog and smog are two separate environmental phenomena.

Fog is a collection of water droplets suspended in the atmosphere in the vicinity of the earth’s surface that affects visibility. Specifically, the fog reduces visibility below 1 kilometer (or 0.62 miles). It was also observed that the most common form of fog, known as radiation fog, typically occurs on clear nights as the earth’s surface cools moist air immediately above it.

Analysis of the data of different pollutants shows that no major difference has been observed in the concentration of Particulate Matter in last week when compared to corresponding week in the Year 2015. In Okhla the fog blanketed the locality early morning. However, the situation had improved on Friday.

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