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Pressure cooker explodes in Shaheen Bagh scribes flat

Pressure cooker explosion is not new. Such cases do occur on and off and one such incident took place in Okhla’s Shaheen Bagh recently. Like other cases, in this incident the housewife was lucky as she didn’t suffer horrendous burns.

According to Danish Ahmad Khan, the family was lucky that no big incident took place after the cooker exploded, sending steaming food across the kitchen in his house. It is understood that Khan’s wife was in the kitchen when the incident took place and was sustained minor injuries by the lid that hit her face.

After the incident, Khan wrote in his social media timeline: “Yesterday, July 30, afternoon a terrible thing happened and I and my wife were saved from a disaster. In fact, my wife was preparing lunch and I was also standing nearby in the kitchen, the pressure cooker exploded like a bomb and hit the ceiling and hot meal spilling all around. Both of us were fortunately saved with no injuries whatsoever. My wife was only slightly hurt as the pressure cooker’s lid hit her.

“We had heard such things in news, but faced it yesterday. I immediately profusely thanked Almighty Allah for saving us… May Allah keep us and all human beings safe and sound and under His protection always. Do remember us always in your prayers always and keep showering your love and affection. Take care dear friends!”

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