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Jamia students take out poetry procession for world without hatred, violence

Students of Jamia Millia Islamia on August 3 organised a poetry procession from central canteen to entire campus. Around 250 students gathered to be a part of this poetry procession and recitation. Around 25 students from different varsities, including DU, Jamia, other institutions and Sangwari Theatre Group, participated in it.

The basic idea of this procession was an idea of poetry on streets, negating the politics of hatred and violence, being institutionalised in the country. This march was against the ‘mob culture’ that has taken over the consciousness of people, which is directed towards organized lynching of people coming from Muslim and Dalit communities on the pretext of cow-vigilantism, said students release.

It was against the ‘mob-harassment’, which is unleashed on couples coming from oppressed sections of society, in the name of preventing ‘Love-Jihad’. It was against the contemporary time that has reduced country’s Minorities, Dalits, Tribals, and Women to the question of their survival.

Students marched with poetries of Ghalib, Pash, Faiz, and Tagore over placards, to mark their disapproval against the idea of banishing their poetries from textbooks. Students marched against labeling of dissenting voices as ‘anti-national’. Students marched with poems to remember the idea and dreams of Bhagat Singh, Babasaheb Ambedkar and Ashfaqullah.

Students came up with their self-created poetries speaking of inequalities of system and that they will fight for their rights even if they are given bad names. Some said that, even if there is no food to eat, the time has come for oppressed sections to come up on streets and speak for their rights. Students through their poetries said that, army tanks cannot substitute education within universities to inject nationalism. Students recited poetries of Faiz, Pash and Vidrohi, one of which said, that, ‘do not tell me to leave my rights’. Delhi State President of AISA, Amber Fatmi said, ‘this government is against the idea of Tagore, Pash and Ghalib, which means that they are against the idea of equality, justice and liberty’.

This march was against the idea of Hindu Rashtra, but for a democratic and inclusive India.

Issued by All India Students’ Association (AISA)

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