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A poem on apostle of peace Hazrat Imam HUSAIN a.s

A poem on saviour of Islam and humanity on Imam HUSAIN as the grandson of our holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) By Husain Haider Rizvi

The whole universe
Immersed into tears of pain

O Imam! Ya Husain
In Karbala when arrows flew

Towards you like torrents of rain
You got them pierced into your being

And not a slight bruise touched Islam
Every drop of blood from the wound

Turned into blossoms of fragrance,
River Euphrates still dashes its head

On the sacred feet of Husain a.s.
Karbala is victory of Thirst over water

Victory of truth over hypocrisy
Victory of Patience over oppression.

If any one believes in Karbala,
Breathes in true freedom of self

And liberation from oppression.
Let us live Karbala in every breath

To be a true human being like
HUSAIN Alaihis salaam.

CAPTION: Homepage photo credit Asad Haider Zaidi. Representational image.

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