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A poem about female infanticide; I lived for 90 minutes by Huda Zain

By Huda Zain

Born in the arms of the lady,
When I opened my eyes the vision was shady.
I heard her crying the reason was me,
He is the one because of whom I was a girl child.

Despite of all I looked at him, he is my father and I smiled.
To him I was just one burden; A girl,
I was her copy, my hair was thick with many curls.
My mother kept on begging, please don’t please don’t.

He said you think she will help us, she won’t she won’t.

He snatched me and ran away,
And out there was a cold winter day.
He left me their in the dumb of garbage,
I smell like a rotten cabbage.

I kept on looking him with hope,
But, there was no scope.

I cried and cried, but no one listened,
With tears my cheeks glistened.

It was not my fault, I cried why me God!!
With naked feet, the man trod.
My lungs choked, I tried to take a good breath.
Unable to do so, I gave up on life and chose death.

The poet is a student of BA (Hons) Social Work, Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar College (Delhi University)

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed are of the author

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