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Asif shares 3 unseen photos of Shaheen Bagh

A resident of Shaheen Bagh shares three photos of the locality.

“The condition of a few roads in Shaheen Bagh is very bad. It’s more than six to seven years now to renovate some of the street here. Sewage water is flowing on the road. School going children and women struggle to cross the road.

“Mosquitoes are breeding in the locality and there are fears that this could become another cause of spreading dengue and chickengunia. Some photographs of C-Block, near German Clinic, Shaheen Bagh to understand the situation better,” wrote Asif Faheem.

OT.COM had been carrying reports about the pathetic situation of the locality for the last few months. Even before the civil polls several residents had raised the issue of bad conditions of roads and water logging being a perennial issue. Then many were actively sharing the photos on the social media. However, it appears that after the election is over, some people have lost interest in their temporary campaign and now the issue appears to have died down.

“The situation is not good. And with dengue season not far there are fears that things might further escalate in the locality. It is to be noted that several cases were reported from this part of the city. A timely action will go in a long way to improve the situation in the locality,” said a resident.

shaheen bagh

Shaheen Bagh water


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