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Why are some people sharing such photos?

These days you must have noticed that some residents, mostly aspirant leaders and their activist friends, are sharing photos of waterlogged roads, broken pavements and other photos showing that Jamia Nagar is in bad shape.

shaheenbaghphotoWas Jamia Nagar like this for long or is it now that its conditions have deteriorated? The answer is well known that for years the locality has been neglected and if this is so then what is the intention of such people of sharing such photos?

“It is very common during election time that aspirant leaders surface and start sharing such photos to drive home the point that the representatives have done nothing and it is high time that they be voted to power. We all know that the area has been neglected for years. The question is: Where were these leaders and their self-proclaimed activist friends all these years? What have they done to get the issue address, ask residents with many requesting anonymity.

Amaan Khan wrote on the social media: “We need honest leaders to win so that s/he could work to uplift the locality. But it appears that after winning people change for good.”

Residents lamented that for the last twenty years little development has taken place in the locality and whenever elections come large number of leaders surface claiming to be the true and honest representatives. Just see this time around a few aspirants who had sought ticket from AAP have stopped doing social work in the locality after they didn’t get ticket, said a resident, adding that gradually this will happened with others too.

And once the election is over they will forget about the locality and will be back to their own business, said another resident requesting anonymity.

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