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Phone hacked, Jamia Professor loses huge amount

Cases of phone hacking are on the rise with several users complaining about it. And hence to keep users on the safer side banks regularly sends SMSs warning customers not to share account details with any callers. A small error can lead to account hacking.

This is what happened with a Jamia Professor, who usually takes precaution while sharing account information with callers. But a few days ago he just by mistake shared the information with a caller who claimed herself to be calling from a bank. The result was that his mobile was hacked and a huge amount of money was withdrawn from his account.

Realising his mistake, the Professor rushed to get things corrected but by that time it was too late as the money was withdrawn, said the Professor who requested anonymity.

“It all happened very fast. After smelling something fishy I called my bank and asked them to block my card. But by that time Rs 15,000 was withdrawn. Fearing more harm could be done I called my network provider and got the SIM card blocked. Also, I filed an FIR against the caller,” he said.

This is not one off incident in the locality, said sources.

A resident a few months ago had lamented that how money was withdrawn from his account by hackers.

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