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Peace lovers: Live and let live all

The below is one of poems BY Renu Mittal.

We are peace lovers
never try to change
the system existing
it is much cool, calm
and verily comforting.

Break rules traffic
open doors of learning
gain any job kosher
show coins jingling
all earned easily.

Isn’t it all good
we go hand in hand
you benefit me
I reciprocate allied
on this divine land?

Lets not think, act much
live & let live all
in utter harmony
good for our nations
and global relations.

The zeal to renovate
would teach what?
thinking revolutionary
how to cut cute edges
and become nihilist.

Won’t it mean amassing
more goons, guns, grenades
revolvers, rifles, rockets
missiles, mines, munitions
bombs, batons, bullets?

Shall plan such destruction?
better why not adjust
and contribute our bits
to sustain our stupendous
and bigoted foundation.

We are peace lovers
don’t dogmatise us
we walk in easy streets
never do such folly
relish thrills and frills.

All abide by old ethics
keep mucky anarchism
at an arm’s distance
adore, extol the system
ushering in satisfaction.

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