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OT IMPACT: Obtruding metal on newly-built Batla House road removed

OT IMPACT: Obtruding metal on newly-built Batla House road removed.

It was on February 4 when OKHLATIMES.COM carried a report on a few obtruding metals on the newly-built Batla House road. 24-hour after the report was published the very next days the metal was gone from the road.

roadThe move by the DMRC has been appreciated. This is not for the first time that a report of OKHLATIMES.COM, a fiercely independent community journalism initiative to empower the margarnilased through digital inclusion and strengthening local governance, has an impact. Earlier too several of its reports had impact.

impactnewroad“The road was obtruding and one day I actually stumbled on it. And when I read the report I really appreciated the work being done by this portal. The very next day I saw the metal gone. This is nothing but quality journalism and we are thankful to OKHLATIMES.COM for bringing reports from the ground zero so that the locality could improve further. More such stories need to be carried so that things change in the locality,” said Okhla resident Naseem Ur Rahman.

A few years ago OKHLATIMES.COM had launched an online petition for making correction in the name of freedom fighter on a road signage at Jualiana and near NFC Community Centre. The campaign was a huge success as corrections were made. Then OKHLATIMES.COM that thanked all those readers who had participated in the signature campaign.

The portal’s contribution in strengthening independent journalism has been appreciated as in 2011 it was shortlisted for XCity London Award and in this year Aseem Asha Foundation conferred digital media ward on the portal.

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