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Residents take short route to beat traffic jam in Okhla; know what happens

It was at about 1:30 pm when several residents were seen rushing into a lane in Abul Fazal Enclave to beat traffic jam, said residents. However, once inside, many struggled to make their way.

However, their efforts to reach home early or else were defeated as the lane was choked with sudden movement of vehicles. Road jam has turned out to be a perennial issue in Jamia Nagar. If earlier, residents knew that peak time is not the right time to travel now they have no idea when traffic jam will happen.

The mushrooming roadside shops, workshop and illegal parking of vehicles on roads have added to their woes. There is such a chaos on the road that at times one even finds it difficult to walk on footpath. Moreover, the footpath made for walking has been gobbled up by workshops and illegal vehicle parking. The situation is such that Jamia Nagar has been turned into a concrete jungle with illegal cars parked on roadsides, mushrooming workshops and roadside eateries and shops becoming the normal affair, said a resident, adding that worst is that if you protest and or utter a word the answer is where will Muslims go to earn livelihood?


For many occupying road is their birth right and they flaunt it least bothered how their irresponsible activities are creating trouble for the residents. In Batla House a graveyard is used as parking lot and when the issue was raised some residents brushed it aside saying nothing wrong in it.

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