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Okhla murder: Is it time for a chintan baithak for Jamia Nagar?

Okhla murder: Is it time for a chintan baithak for Jamia Nagar? The murder of a lawyer in Johri Farm, M Moin Khan, on May 16 at about 7:30 pm has left many residents shocked at the deteriorating law and order situation in the locality that once was a peaceful locality.

Though police were quick to crack the case in 24 hours by arresting six people, including a few youths, what has left many deeply upset is that the main players were from Jamia Nagar.

“This is not first murder in the locality. In the last few months the law and order situation has gone from bad to worse as many robbery, fighting and other disturbing cases have spiked in the locality. In this case too just think that one a few bucks two youth killed a respected resident. This only shows that nobody is safe in this locality now. It is the job of society, NGOs and religious organizations to sit together and do some real soul searching that why crime has gone up in the locality,” said a resident on the condition anonymity fearing retribution from the criminals as they are ruling the roost these days.

Many residents agree that the situation has really gone bad.
Husain Rizvi wrote: “Peace and security is the need of the hour.”

Asim Asm: “I too second you on your thoughts but the problem is uneducated class who has amassed large wealth and thinks that everything in Okhla is theirs by right. They neither show any of the traits a Muslim should have except beards and namaz. They are totally devoid of compassion, empathy, sympathy, politeness etc. Sometimes I don’t feel like living among such Muslims who are follower of our beloved prophet (saw) but do not show any qualities of our prophet.”

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