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Okhla MLA orchestrated attack on me, says ex-MLA aide; Amanatullah condemns it

The alleged attack on activist Pervez Yusuf Mohammad continues to be talk of Okhla with the issue being debated on social media and local WhatsApp group.

Since the incident surfaced in the locality, activist Pervez, who once was very close to Okhla MLA Amanatullah Khan but not anymore, told local reporters that he was attacked by MLA’s goons.

Also, he and other residents met the local officials, mounting pressure for action against the culprits who are “influential and powerful people of the locality”.

Moreover, after the attack Pervez has launched a campaign on the social media against the MLA.

In a report carried by delhidailynews purportedly run by Pervez quoted another social activist Syed Taseer and wrote: “Okhla residents are fed up and are ready to take on the criminal elements of our society head on. We cannot sit quietly while the MLA goes around silencing anyone who raises his voice against his unlawful activities.”

It should be mentioned here that Pervez had complained earlier too about receiving death threats as well as threats of being framed in false cases from the MLA, according to the daily.

All told MLA Khan was quick to clear the air by posting on the social media. This is what he wrote: “मेरे बडे भाई परवेज़ युसूफ साहब के साथ जो हमला हुआ उसका मुझे अफ़सोस है और मैं उनके इस दुःख मैं बराबर का शरीक हूँ परवेज़ भाई को इस वक़्त संययम बरतने की ज़रुरत है.”

It is another matter that Pervez’ colleagues and a few activists are not willing to buy the MLA’s argument, seeking actions against the accused.

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