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Okhla MLA condemns attack on his ‘critic’ Pervez

Okhla MLA condemns attack on his ‘critic’ Pervez. As report surfaced about attack on AAP vocal activist Mohammad Pervez in Okhla today at about 3 pm, Okhla MLA Amanatullah Khan posted a message on his social media timeline.

However, Pervez’ supporters are not willing to buy this argument. A portal run by the activist reported: “On Thursday afternoon, party activist Pervez, was beaten by some goons of Wajid Khan who is incharge of Ward No. 206 and is already notorious for his hooliganism.”

The daily argued that Pervez has was attacked as he has been raising issues in the locality and has questioned decision taken by the MLA in the locality like narrowing a road in Shaheen Bagh for making park. The opposition of MLA’s decisions have not gone down well with the MLA, claimed the report.

OKHLATIMES was unable to authenticate the report independently.

However, a close friend of Pervez told OKHLATIMES that this is not one-off incident and some local goons are after Pervez as he has been raising difficult policy questions. Also, he pointed out that of late such incidents of bullying activists have increased and would not be tolerated anymore.

During the Assembly election, Pervez was very close to Amanatullah and was part of the campaign to drum up support for him in the locality that earlier was known to be the bastion of Congress.

This is what the MLA wrote:
“मेरे बडे भाई परवेज़ युसूफ साहब के साथ जो हमला हुआ उसका मुझे अफ़सोस है और मैं उनके इस दुःख मैं बराबर का शरीक हूँ परवेज़ भाई को इस वक़्त संययम बरतने की ज़रुरत है.”

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