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Okhla man sees death whisk past a pedestrian

At times there are incidents that leave you stumped. The case in point is an incident in which a pedestrian, most probably a poor man, survived an accident while passing a busy road in the evening.

An Okhla resident requesting anonymity said he saw how death whisked past a pedestrian at the busy National Highway.

“The man was in a hurry and was trying to cross the road. I could see a vehicle coming from the other side. The man was driving his car slow and that is why the pedestrian survived with a whisker. The auto driver on which I was travelling shouted in shock. I too couldn’t believe my eyes. Anyhow that shocking moment passed within seconds and the man survived and we saw him crossing the road,” said the resident.

After that incident, the auto driver started talking about how people put their lives in danger by not following rules. In Delhi in several places foot over bridges have been built encouraging pedestrians to use them rather than jeopardizing their lives by crossing the busy road.

A few years ago the Government had introduced fines for pedestrians who trample all over the traffic rules.

“We had carried out a study and found that 52% of those killed in accidents were pedestrians. We are trying to be strict with drivers, but pedestrians should follow norms too,” an officer said, reported a national daily.

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