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Humanity still alive: Okhla man helps poor family perform last rites

Humanity still alive: Okhla man helps poor family perform last rites. This is how the story developed.

When Rukshar’s mother (name changed to hide identity) died in a hospital on Tuesday, her family was clueless how to manage the burial rites as they are daily earners living in Okhla for the last many years.

Trouble started when Rukshar’s husband went to the Batla House graveyard where he was told to submit an amount of Rs 5,000 so that the burial process could be started. Shocked Anwar (name changed to hide identity) was in tears as he had not got that much of money. “I thought that I won’t be able to burry my mother-in-law because of money. It was then when neighbours came forward,” he said.

It is understood that a resident agreed to pay the amount so that the process could be started. Another neighbour rushed to ice shop late night to buy ice so that the body could be kept on it until morning to be taken for burial. The help that came in from neighbours saved the day for the poor family that in the morning was able to bury their mother in Batla House graveyard.

“Humanity is still alive. Just see that these people were awake the whole night and helped this poor woman get everything. Good people are all around and it because of them that people get recourse at time of crisis,” said a housewife, who also knows the family, requesting anonymity.

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