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Okhla locals’ magnanimity towards rag-picker is talk of WhatsApp

Okhla residents’ magnanimity towards a rag-picker is talk of WhatsApp. This is how the story unfolded on Sunday. It was Syed Hashmi who informed residents about the incident.

In a post to WhatsApp to group members, he wrote: “Today sweeper (Alamgeer) hurt his hand with a by sharp piece of broken glass while sorting out the garbage from a polythene bag lying outside the door of a flat.

“Blood started coming from his fingers. The moment team ECM found it, one of its member (Hashmi ) immediately took him to the Dr Rehan clinic where his wound was washed and dressed. Cost of the medicine was managed by the flat residents from where the garbage was collected.

“The flat owner came forward to help out that sweeper after realising his mistake. Thanks to him for his financial support. It was because of his help that the poor person got the required treatment.”

Residents appreciated the effort made by the flat owner and other people. Many users recalled how some residents had come forward to help a family of labour who was killed after being electrocuted from high tension wire.

Recently a family helped a poor man perform the last rites of his mother who died after prolong illness.

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