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This photo shows how residents’ irresponsible act torments many in Okhla

The effort to decongest Okhla by making traffic in Jamia Nagar two-way appears to be not working. And for the chaos it is not the administration that is responsible but irresponsible residents, who are always seen in a rush to reach their homes and flout traffic rules by commuting on wrong way.

Driving the wrong way has become a norm in Okhla with commuters least bothered that how their action at times lead to choking of Okhla. Today at about 6 pm there was a huge traffic snarl at Okhla Head leading to Abul Fazal Enclave. And the reason: Some commuters driving two wheelers and four-wheelers were seen taking the wrong way from Tikona Park forcing their way towards Okhla Head, leading to huge snarl.

“It is only because of the few commuters that traffic snarl has become the order of the day in the locality. People don’t understand that how their action leads to more trouble for them and others. But nobody is bothered as two-wheelers and four-wheelers can be easily seen rushing the wrong way to reach home early. But by doing say they create traffic jam,” said a resident.

Residents lamented that it is common thing to see people coming from Jamia side to Okhla Head wrong way and at times they even drive their vehicles on the pavement build at Jamia for walkers.

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