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Okhla’s bad luck: Aspiring leaders spend ‘tonnes of money’ during polls, but shy away from development work in normal days

If you are residing in Okhla that too in Muslim dominated Jamia Nagar, you must have noticed that during election time the locality goes hyper active with aspiring leaders, activists and their supporters making tall claims and trying to win hearts and minds of voters.

Several platforms are used to send message that s/he is only the best person to be elected. The campaign goes on until election is not over. Once results are out, majority of them disappears in the thin air with self proclaimed activists too melting away.

Residents too lament that even if a small amount of money that aspiring politicians throw during polls is spend on development work in the locality things would have changed. With that being not the case, many residents have lost all hope of any work being done in the locality as they accept the fact that nobody is interested in ground work.

Though there is no data to know how much money is spend by these leaders during election one thing is noticeable that the walls of the locality are plastered by banners and leaflets are circulated in large numbers. Moreover, there is no need to go far by just look at the recently held municipal election, the area saw highest number of people contesting the poll and once the election was over they all have vanished, said a resident of the condition of anonymity.

Aspiring to become a leader is not wrong as everybody has the right to do so in a democratic society, but what is painful that many among them are only seen during election time, said another resident, who doesn’t want to be quoted.

It is understood that with the Assembly elections years away, once again aspiring leaders, self proclaimed activists and messiah of the Umma will get hyper active on the social media and other public places.

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