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Festive Okhla bikers go berserk on Mathura Road (video)

Festive Okhla bikers go berserk on Mathura Road (video). Despite tight security and alert residents, some youths were able to create ruckus on the Sarita Vihar-Mathura Road on Sunday, according to an eyewitness. Some two bikers were found doing stunt and doing rounds on the road leading to traffic snarl in the locality. A resident was heard sharing the information with his friends in Jamia Nagar lamenting the fact that how such incidents are bringing bad name to the community.

However, the youths could not have the field time as police standing a few metres from the spot shooed them away, said the resident. This is not one off incident as across the national Capital police face hard times stopping wayward youths from doing stunts on the road endangering not only their lives but also commuters. Last year OKHLATIMES had captured this moment on the ITO road where several bikers were seen doing stunt without wearing helmets.

Compared with last year things have improved a lot as residents and religious leaders have done all they could to create awareness in the community, urging parents not to let their wayward children drive bikes on Shab-e-Barat in the name of attending mosque or graveyards located far away from their homes. While addressing devotees this Friday, an imam of Jamia had raised the issue of bike stunts on the night of Shab-e-Barat, requesting parents to reign their children on the night by not allowing them bikes.

(The video was grabbed last year on Shab-e-Barat)

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