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Dangerous moment in Jamia Nagar: Photo of Okhla youths riding scooter performing risky stunt

Residents watched in disbelief as a few youths riding on scoter performing life-threatening stunt with the vehicle losing its balance from time to time on a busy road of Jamia Nagar, according to an eyewitness.


The resident, who was just behind the stunt-performing scooter, grabbed a few photo. He said the youths were involved in risky stunt as there were four people on the vehicle and one youth in the back was sitting with his leg crossed on another friend’s lap. Least bothered about the traffic, the youths were enjoying the ride with the scooter losing its balance from time to time and there were really scary moments when many thought that the scooter will hit the divider, said the eyewitness, who requested not to be named.


Stunt riding and rowdyism on Jamia Nagar roads are something that is not only limited to Shab-e-Barat as is the common perception, said residents, adding that it is common to see four or five youths riding on scooter and bike and driving and honking like insane even in narrow streets where at times children and elderly can be seen moving around.

Worst is that many of these children get support from their parents, who too shamelessly think that their children are doing great service to society and brave, said a resident, adding that their brave acts are just limited to Jamia Nagar as once they cross Julaina these rowdy youths get mellowed down.

Residents still remember how a year ago, a housewife died in a road accident in Abul Fazal Enclave. In that incident, a rogue biker had hit the woman who had just stepped out of an e-rickshaw. She fell on the divider and was rushed to a local hospital where doctors declared her brought dead.

The rogue biker made his way, said a resident, adding that in most such cases the youths come from a particular locality close by the national Capital and within seconds their relatives and parents gather in large number outnumbering the victim or mounting pressure on him or her for a compromise.

Several cases have surfaced in which rogue biker has been found hitting a passerby and making his way.

A few months ago, a research scholar girl met with an accident in Abul Fazal Enclave. Mind you the girl was walking on the roadside while going to her house.

It was then that rogue biker stepped on her leg and she fell down. It was a roadside vendor who came to her help with many residents just being onlooker with the girl in pain. Moreover, the biker made his way with no residents willing to identify the youth as he was a local.

The scholar was rushed to a local hospital. Doctors told her that she suffered thin line fracture. For months she was restricted to her house as it took time for the wound to heal, said sources, adding that many such incidents go unreported in the locality.

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