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Obituary of Batla House gravedigger Allah Hu aka Bindu Shah

Who is Allah Hu? Where did he come from to Batla House? These and other questions are being asked by people in the locality since the report surfaced on Monday about his death. On Tuesday OKHLATIMES visited the graveyard and met with residents and Allah Hu’s family members to get to the depth of the story.

As this reporter entered the graveyard from Jamia School side he came across a 22-year-old boy in a house build a few meters from Allah Hu house in the Batla House graveyard. “He died at 4 am and was buried on Monday after asar prayer. He died of heart attack,” Md Asad told OKHLATIMES.

When asked his real name, Asad, who saw Allah Hu grew old, said we also used to know him by Bindu. “I called him abba.” Further a few people were sitting on benches at the house of Alla Hu. As the reporter reached the spot, a man enquired and on knowing about the media, asked the reporter to sit and hesitatingly started opening up.

Allah Hu’s son Md Rashid, 35, told OKHLATIMES that his father died of heart attack and was hospitalized in Holy Family. “It was on Friday that we took our father to Holy Family. He was in ICU and died of heart attack. He was suffering from diabetes. For years he was not in a position to bury bodies so we used to assist him in his work. We buried him in Batla House graveyard on a spot that he had marked some 50 years ago,” said Rashid.

When asked his real name, Rashid said it was Bindu Shah alias Alla Hu. Rashid showed the reporter a video grabbed at the hospital in ICU. However, he declined to give the video and other photos to the reporter. “Come after two days then we will give you photo. When my father was alive many reporters came in. I don’t trust,” he said.
His brother said: “Give him father’s photo with Rajiv Gandhi.”

Allah Hu is survived by four sons and a wife. His one son died a few years ago of heart attack. “My father is from Piplauti village in Hasnapur,” said Rashid. Allah Hu was not only a gravedigger but also caretaker of the Batla House graveyard.

His sons told the reporter that how he oversaw the work of filling mud in the graveyard ten times, a claim that couldn’t be verified by others. Batla House graveyard has an issue of space crunch that too after the locality witnessed population explosion.

“Allah Hu came to this locality when only a few people used to live in Batla House. Allah Hu was an impoverished man and as there was nobody to look after Batla House graveyard, some residents convinced him to become gravedigger. Since then he has been performing his duty,” said Haris Ul Haque.

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