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Naeem eatery:  After reading this report you will salute this man of steely will

Naeem eatery:  After reading this report you will salute this man of steely will.

For many residents of Abul Fazal Enclave, Md Naeem’s 12-year-old eatery needs no introduction. Many people, particularly bachelors and students, are regular to his eatery located nearby Hari Kothi. However, many regular visitors to his eatery and passersby don’t know his story.

Naeem landed in the locality 12 years ago from Bihar’s Samastipur and started working as a helper at Ashfaque’s hotel which was then located a few meters from where his hotel is located right now. In those days there was cut-throat competition in hotel business with another restaurant being located nearby.

But years ago Ashfaque decided to wrap up his business and he told Naeem that he needs to find out another job, said Naeem. It was then that with no other option, Naeem said he decided to open this small hotel and since then has been running the show with his wife and children by serving people who turn up from 7:30 in the morning to 12 in the night every day.


Naeem spends a major part of his money that he earns from this hotel to fund his three children’s education. “It is hard work and nothing is saved at the end of the month as most of the money is gone to pay fees of my three children. My two children are studying BTech at a private Delhi college,” Naeem told OT.COM.

Naeem strongly believe that it is only through education that his children would get out of poverty and hardship that he has faced all his life. Naeem’s another son studies in Class IX in a private school of Okhla. He pays Rs 6,000 per month to his landlord.

His day starts at 7 in early morning as he and his wife turn up at the hotel and get involved in cooking breakfast for people. “The food is homemade and many residents prefer eating here. Usually roti is sold for Rs 4 but here at Naeem’s eatery one can get it for Rs 3,” said Ali, who is regular at his hotel and resides in Abul Fazal Enclave.
Many residents are impressed by Naeem’s hard work. “Just see this man is a struggler. The amazing thing about his is that he is doing so much to educate his children. He knows that it is only education that he can extricate his children from poverty and future hardship like him,” said Noushu Ali.

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