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This Batla House poet’s work to Urdu is immense but his daily struggle for decent living will make you cry

Asrar Jamai is a 78-year-old poet and has sacrificed his life to promotion of Urdu. Despite this no Muslim organisaion has ever given him award. He struggles for a daily decent living.

He has a captive audience and many big people at high places know him but when it comes to giving him award they just look for people who are influential. Does it show that something is terribly wrong with Muslim society?

“This man who is running from pillar to post these days to get his pension reinstated after the officials declared him dead has worked immensely to the development of Urdu. But the saddest part is that nobody is helping him. Recently when a well-known institution gave awards to people for their contribution to Urdu I was just left stumped by names on the list. A Bollywood star and another big man who no doubt has contributed enough to Urdu promotion was there. It is personal choice but I think one should do homework properly and give award to people who really have done ground work in their fields. I strongly feel that today giving award has become a source for lobbying and networking and hence people who really contribute and are poor have no place in our society. Shockingly, Muslim organizations run by self-proclaimed Islamists also don’t care about such things,” said Muslim scholar Waris Mazhari.

Other intellectuals too think on the same line, pointing out that many so-called ‘big’ people use platforms to build contacts and networks and ignore those whose contribution is immense.

Asrar Jamai, who has written several books in Urdu, lives in a rented house and fears losing the treasure trove (Urdu work) that he carries with him wherever he goes (takes a new room). While talking about his struggle to get his pension restored, this is what he told The Hindu: “I told the officials that I am standing in front of you, what else can be the biggest proof? The official replied that he knows I am alive, but not other official knows of it.”

While narrating his ordeal with OKHLATIMES.COM a few months ago, he said he has approached every local representatives with little success as everybody gives him assurance that s/he will take up the issue with the department.

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  1. Ex cellent and timely concern about Asrar Jamai sb. He is a selfless servant of Urdu. I have also wrtten about him in Yuva Drishti, a Hindi monthly magazine, in 1997. When he has then his newly published poetry collection Shaer-e-Aazam. Some witty expression are there in that has impressed many. He is a genuine Urdu soldier.

    • Can u plz. Give me link of your article which was written on Asrar sahab.
      Besides that any other details of his work and whereabouts.

  2. Hi,

    Can someone provide his contact details. I would love to help him.


  3. What was the aim of your article,i am really confused, do you just wanted to tell the world that he did not get an award despite his hard work in promoting Urdu language or you really want to help him.

    ‎Although I appreciate the work that you have done  but its just half work, you should have provided ways as a journalist as to how we can help any such person in need.

    There are so many people in the society that needs our immediate attention and at the same time there are a lot of people who really wants to help people in need but there is no medium that connects them.

     Request you to please provide the details like his phone number etc.

    Keep up the good work.‎

  4. Please provide any contact number or his address. We really want to help this great servant of Urdu.


  5. Please let me know his contact details

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