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When will Muslims start thinking beyond mosques and madarsas?

Okhla’s Jamia Nagar is a densely populated area with Muslims in majority. The area has grown manifold with swanky shops, innumerable mosques, madarsas and houses coming up in the last few hours.

What it lacks in is basic civic amenities, quality schools, Government-run hospitals and parks.

Also, the locality is hit by high pollution level as vested interested have ripped apart the locality leaving no open space for fresh air and sunlight with most of the flats being claustrophobic leading to many people complaining of suffering from Vitamin D deficiency.

Mind you these issues plague the locality that has a large number of professionals and educated. Also, almost all religious organisations have their swanky headquarters in the locality equipped with all latest technologies that might leave your eye popping.

Surprisingly, residents pointed out that the latest emerging trend in the locality is building of new multi-floor mosques by demolishing old one to adjust more devotees it is another issue that most of the mosques are empty at Fajar and after the prayers are over they are not used for any social purpose like providing training to the youth, counseling elderly and families that are hit my marital discord save a few that use their building for running religious schools.

A resident on the condition of anonymity said people are not against building mosques as there is need then one should be constructed but it is high time people thought about schools and parks in the locality.

“Just see there are no quality schools. There are no parks for elderly, youth and women to freshen their lungs. Some health enthusiasts are forced to walk on the bank of Yamuna River that from time to time is barricaded because some residents start using that lot as dumping waste. A very small patch is available at Jamaat-e-Islami (Hind) for walking but there too there are many restrictions and we understand their problem,” said a resident requesting not to be named.

Children have no open space to play.

Islamic scholar Waris Mazhari said Muslims should invest heavily in education by opening quality schools. There is also need for open space where women, children and elderly can breathe fresh air, he said, adding: “What is happening in Jamia Nagar is reflection of the Muslim psyche all over the country. The Muslim leadership is superficial. Also, Muslims give donation for mosque and madarsa. If you go to rich Muslim for money for establishing media houses, schools and hospitals you get nothing in return,” he said.

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  1. Contrary to popular belief, there is actually a lot of small open spaces dotted across the neighbourhood, but it is too scattered to make any sense of, but on the bright side these are just enough distributed to serve as pocket parks for the residents across different age groups. A resident of Shaheenbagh, it is this particular issue that I as an architect have taken up in my Masters thesis in Urban Design, hoping to come up with a tangible solution inshallah.

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