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Some Muslims wear black arm bands on this Eid al-Fitr; know the reason

Some Muslims were seen wearing black arm bands on this Eid al-Fitr in Okhla and other parts of the country. A Batla House resident, who offered Eid al-Fitr prayer in Jamia Millia Islamia’s mosque, said a good number of Muslims were seen wearing black arm bands.


In a message Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood wrote that he wore black band protesting against the Government inaction against Muslim killings in India. Also he shared photo. On the social media several people in Okhla placed their photos wearing the black arm bands. However, in Bihar’s Capital Patna the response to the call to wear black band on arm was not overwhelming.

A resident said he saw one man wearing the black arm band and for a few minutes he was taken aback until he was informed the reason for wearing the black arm. In Okhla, AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan too posted a photo where he is seen wearing black arm bands with a few other people.

A day ago, campaign was launched in the social media. Some Muslims on the social media were seen giving call to wear black band on arm this Eid al-Fitr. And as the day progressed several such posts surfaced. Ex-MP Mohammad Adeeb wrote this on his timeline:

“Eid Mubarak to all. I cannot sit back in silence when my fellow Muslim brothers are being lynched and killed simply because of their faith. I shall go for my Eid prayer with a black band on my arm as a sign of protest. If you are with Junaid and more like him, kindly show your protest too.”

Another post surfaced on the timeline of Asad Ashraf representing MuslimIndia: “While you tie black bands around your wrist, make sure that you are doing it in defence of democracy and secularism, in defence of our Constitution which gives equal rights to all including Muslims. We are doing it against the messages of hate, those who hate humans on the basis of their identity, those who hate our constitution and kill people with impunity.”

“Wear black bands, offer your Eid Namaz if you do so and post a two minutes selfie video telling the world why are we doing this. All this should be to restore peace in this country again and defeat the culture of violence.”

“Ramzan is a festival of compassion, empathy, brotherhood. While you engage in the festivities tomorrow, I think and urge that we should stand in solidarity with the victims of mob outrage and mark our protest by wearing a black band when we offer our Eid prayers tomorrow. It is a symbolic gesture and the least we can do to register that we are not a dead, conscience less society yet….” Rana Ayyub had written as shared by a journalist on his timeline.

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