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Muslim women to hold protest against Tarek Fatah

Come February 27, some women are going to hold protest against Canadian writer Tarek Fatah who is at the centre of controversy since airing a ‘Fateh ka Fatwa’ on a television channel.

“Women to protest against the presence in India and hate mongering of Pakistani fugitive Tarek Fatah on Monday 27 at 4 pm in Mohalla Abul Barakat, Deoband,” wrote MR Qasmi.

Protest against Tarek has been going on for some time in India with Muslim activists accusing him of spreading venom against the community in India through TV channel. Some activists had even launched a campaign on Twitter. “More than 95,000 Indian Muslims have protested against the presence in India of a Pakistani fugitive Tarek Fatah who has earned notoriety as one of the most shameless Islamophobes by tweeting on a trending #ArrestTariqFatah,” mentioned Milli Gazette on its social media page.

Moreover, reports surfaced two days ago that a little-known Muslim organization in Uttar Pradesh announced a ‘reward’ of Rs.10 lakh to behead Tarek.

“Fateh is conspiring to disrupt harmony between Hindus and Muslims. He is an agent of our enemies. He must be stopped at any cost. Our organisation will pay Rs 10,00,786 to any person who will decapitate him,” said head of All-India Faizan-e-Madina Council Moeen Siddique as quoted by several national dailies.

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