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Quora question: Where do Indian Muslim ladies pray during office hours?

Quora question: Where do Indian Muslim ladies pray during office hours?

To a question in, an open platform: “I’ve recently joined an IT company but I don’t find other ladies praying. I cannot miss my afternoon prayer for the rest of my life,” there were six answers.

Mohammad Farooq wrote: “If one wants to find a place to pray, you can definitely find one. All the Companies in India are really helpful if you just ask them. Even the non-Muslim friends are happy enough to actually assist you in helping you find a secluded place and ensure you aren’t disturbed while you’re praying.

“Regarding Indian Muslim women, I feel the same thing applies. Taking a small break for praying shouldn’t be an issue. We live in a country where religious freedom is celebrated.

“Generally in situations like these, what happens is, people want to pray but are hesitant to start. Start asking other female Muslims and form a small group. If you are not able to find a place, you can ask the HR department for suggestions.”

Zara Razaq wrote: “Prayer has worked for me both instantly and slowly. Alhamdulillah. In the training room of my office or any empty cabin. I am really glad and proud to say that the company was very accommodating.

“I would always find an empty space or cabin. When I didn’t, people were kind enough to empty one after they were done with lunch or any other work they were doing there.

“PS: There are many Muslims who don’t pray but I know friends who pray at their respective offices. At most places they pray in a room that is not being used.”

Sufia Siddiqui, Phd Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, wrote: “I too worked in an IT company and used to pray near the ladies changing room which was connected to the gym of my office and was only visited by females who need to go to the gym. You can find any secluded place in your office and can pray there. I had to pray my zuhr, asr and sometimes even maghrib prayer in the office.”

Mohammad Salik wrote: “In my professional carrier I haven’t seen any Muslim lady praying namaz in company premises. But I have seen many Muslim men praying namaz during office hours. Being a man I can pray in any clean place I find e.g. Terrace, Basement, Open area near lift.

“If you feel comfortable and safe praying namaz on Terrace of the company then definitely you can pray. But you need to have the permission of your boss and office building authority.

“You can shift your lunch time according the time of Namaz so that you can go to Masjid for prayers and you can have your lunch there.”

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