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Muslim and Media: When Muslim group raised crores in 90s; know what happened next

Muslims in India have struggled for years to launch their own media. They strongly feel that their publications will only strengthen their voices. But all their efforts have failed and even after years there is no pan-India newspaper. And whenever there is attack on the community there is talk about their failure to establish one.

There are allegations that the community is not serious and Muslim advertisers don’t come forward to back such projects.

But if we look at the past then that has not been the case. The community has always backed such projects.

Despite this the religious organizations or people who have been at the forefront of such projects by collecting money in the name of Muslim media have failed.

In the 90s a religious organisation raised crores to launch a publication. Journalists were hired across India and the publication hit the shelf with hope that the long dream of Muslims of having their own voice would be fulfilled.

But such euphoria was short-lived as the project failed in years and the huge amount was frittered away with little accountability.

A journalist, who was attached to the project of making people buy shares, said the community responded but it was the group that failed in delivering the result and the reasons were that non-professionals associated with this particular religious organisation were hired at top post.

Worst of all after the project go bust, there was no effort to bring white paper on the subject to convince the community what went wrong.

This is not one of incident as several groups of non-professionals from time to time surface and sell the idea to the Ummah to establish Muslim media, said a Muslim journalist who keeps an eye on such development, adding that money is collected and then the project goes bust.

It is important that such publications that survive on donations from Ummah should be asked to bring out white paper so that to bring in transparency in where the money goes, he said.

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