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‘Highly-educated’ Muslim girl seeks life partner with weird demand

Marriage is a personal issue and the old days are over when girls had no choices. Today educated girls have all the independence to choose their would-be husbands. Some have weird ideas. The case in point is of a Muslim girl professional who is seeking would-be husband with strong English accent, said a source.

While talking with friends, the man said: “A few days ago I was told that somebody took a marriage proposal to that girl and she asked: Has the man got good accent? I was surprised as what accent has to do with man’s personality and character.”

He lamented that how things have changed as in old days people used to find out about man’s character and his habits, however, with changing time things have changed a lot. Moreover, other people who were present there started talking about how Muslim girls’ prefer to marry outside their community for lack of qualified men.

One man said the community has to learn to give different treatment to working wife and housewife. And as the conversation carried on another person talked about several cases in the developed work of how working girls are forced to do household chores too being over burdened. Moreover, with girls becoming independent and nuclear family concept changing, family values are eroding fast with several cases of divorce surfacing in Muslim society where girls are dumped by boys on minor issue.

A resident shared an incident of a highly educated girl who was recently married to an US-based educated man but was divorced in a week time without giving the girl a chance to change her lifestyle or adjust to the new environment.

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