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A Muslim girl talks about life in Jamia Nagar

A Muslim girl talks about life in Jamia Nagar.

Hina Ali lived in several places in Delhi. Since 2014 she has been living in Jamia Nagar. After coming across an OT report on the social media, this is what she wrote: “I have not read the article and I don’t know which issues raised by the writer in her post: “Is Jamia Nagar bad for women? A firsthand account from Aamna.”

“I am living in Jamia since 2004 and before that I was in another non-Muslim majority areas. There is no doubt those areas are much clean as compared to Jamia.

“I can only tell you what I feel and I share my experience. Before 2003 I felt insecure whenever I had to go out on road or market as I felt some boys and men could abuse or molest me.

“In market area of Khanpur once someone inappropriately touched me and such things happen in most of location like in bus.

“One night in another area two people chased me by bike shouting will you go with me and all these incidents took place with me before 2003. But after coming to Jamia Nagar I was so surprised that I have not come across any molestation attempt against me.

“I can go out late night alone but no one dare to touch me.

“Yes, you come across some people staring if I go out late in night alone but till now no one has touched me even unintentionally. In Batla House market even during Eid when there is rush no one touched me. But if I go to other place I feel bit uneasy.

“I feel safe here and that is why even having lots of mosquitoes and dust and garbage I never ever want to go out of this area. Allah makes this place dust and garbage free.”

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