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First of its kind book profiling hundreds of Muslim freedom-fighters unveiled

· ‘Lahu Bolta Bhi Hai’, written by Syed Shahnawaz Ahmed Qadri, is the first book of its kind to list more than 1,200 Muslim freedom-fighters

· This 560-page write-up is first book in Hindi to highlight Muslims’ role in the Independence-struggle in great depth

· No other book on India’s Independence-struggle written in Hindi transcript has used so many generally used Urdu words

· Besides mentioning nearly 1,200 male Muslim freedom-fighters, this 560-page book also lists more than 40 Muslim women, who played key-role in helping the country achieve independence

· The launch of ‘Lahu Bolta Bhi Hai’, which has been co-authored by Krishna Kalki, coincided with Lokbandhu Rajnarayan Century Celebrations

· ‘Lokbandhu sadbhavana Puraskar’ awarded to Syed Naseer Ahamed, a veteran Telugu author for his decades-long career

At the time when everyone’s patriotism is being questioned, a new and in-depth book highlighting the roles of Muslims in Independence-struggle of India was launched today at an event in Rai Umanath Bali Auditorium, near Qaiserbagh Baradari in Lucknow.

award‘Lahu Bolta Bhi Hai’, written by Syed Shahnawaz Ahmed Qadri, lists nearly 1,200 Muslim freedom-fighters besides over 40 Muslim women in one-of-its-kind attempt to bring to the fore the contribution of the community, whose members are regularly targeted by anti-secular forces across the country.

“I read a great number of books on Independence of India. I always felt that the contribution of Muslims in making India an Independent country was either completely missing in those books or had been mentioned very casually,” said Qadri, a veteran politician and leading social leader describing about why he penned for his maiden book. To start with the event Krishna Kalki, an eminent philosopher and filmmaker, presented an outline of the text as the co-author of this 560-page book. Based on authentic sources, it is only book of its genre entire freedom-fighting-movement in year-by-year at-a-glance mode.

Launching the book ex-Justice Rajindar Sachar, the chairman of Sachar Committee, said: “Ignoring the Muslims’ contribution to the independence-struggle has been impacting badly on our social fabric. It leads several cumbersome problems that include putting Muslims cornered and to be observed through a prejudice viewpoint.” He added that he while chairing the High Level Committee constituted by Government of India to report on the social, economic and education status of Muslims in India came to know that there were a number of such problems in Muslim society which had their roots in the notion based on incidents occurred in the past.

“That’s why the role of historians is so important in a living society. History is not merely limited to the past, but it has a vital effect on the present too. Details in history make notion that moves society,” said Justice Sachar, the former chief-justice of Delhi High Court.

Presiding over the event, the former MP Maulana Obaidullah Khan Azmi said, “Certain elements are spreading hatred among communities by trying to label members of Muslim and other minority communities as traitors. They are even trying to distort the history-books to suit their goal. We strongly need books such as ‘Lahu Bolta Bhi Hai’ to make sure that vested interests don’t succeed in their dirty designs.”

Maulana Syed Kalbe Jawad Naqvi threw light on the impact of this book and hoped that it would be an eye-opener for every history-reader and make all Muslim youth prideful for their forefathers who played leading role in order to achieve independence.

Raghu Thakur, an eminent socialist leader and the national president of Loktantrik Samajwadi Party, defined the facts behind the tendency why non-secular elements have ever been devaluating the contribution of Muslims to India, whether struggle-for-independence or any other context. “This book will start a nation-wide drive to place all Muslim endeavors at right and justified niche,” he hoped.

“This book will surely refresh minds of the readers and add to their knowledge about Indian freedom-struggle, giving them altogether a new perspective about the passion that our forefathers had to see a free India. Members of all the communities walked shoulder to shoulder to make the country liberate from the British rule,” said senior socialist leader Prof Rajkumar Jain, from Delhi University, while speaking at the event.

“Anti-secular forces are misusing social media to hurt the social fabric of the country by bombarding innocent public with wrong historical information. It needs to stop. This book must set a trend and encourage honest and hardworking writers to come forward and tell the public true, and at times, untold sides of the Indian history, including about Independence-struggle,” said Maulana Afroz Qadri of Dallas University, who came all the way from Cape town, South Africa, to attend the event.

Md Shafi Ahamed , a senior journalist from Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh), said, “There would not have been a better time to launch this book.”

The launch of ‘Lahu Bolta Bhi Hai’, published by Lokbandhu Rajnarayan Ke Log, coincided with Lokbandhu Rajnarayan Century Celebrations. Rajnarayan, who was an Indian freedom-fighter and politician, won a case against the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, which led to her disqualification and imposition of Emergency in India in 1975. And also, later, he defeated Indira Gandhi during the 1977 Lok Sabha elections.

Prestigious ‘Lokbandhu Sadbhavana Puraskar’ to a Veteran Telugu Author

At the event of book-launch, the ‘Lokbandhu Sadbhavana Puraskar’ (Lokbandhu Award for Social-harmony) was also awarded to Syed Naseer Ahamed for his decades-long research and authoring as many as 13 history-books in Telugu exclusively on the role of Muslims in the struggle for freedom of India.

‘Lokbandhu Sadbhavana Puraskar’ (Lokbandhu Award for Social-harmony) named after Lokbandhu Rajnarayan is prestigious award established by ‘Lokbandhu Rajnarayan Ke Log’, a registered trust working India-wide and constituted by the followers of Lokbandhu Rajnarayan. This award was decided to be given during Lokbandhu Rajnarayan Century Year. And, for this award, the awardee is selected by the jury-members on national level.

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