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Muslim, Dalit & Christian groups raise 6 points, seek Prez intervention

A demonstration was held today at Jantar Mantar under the joint auspices of several organisations of Muslim, Christian and Dalit communities, including some civil society outfits, requesting the President of Indian Pranab Mukherjee to play effective role in defending the constitutional rights of people who are increasingly being persecuted under the present regime of NDA Government at the Center and BJP Governments in some States, according to a release issued by the organisers.

A memorandum to the President of India comprised the following demands:

1.     Cow vigilantism should be banned and people should be allowed to eat food of their choice.

2.     A commission should be formed to report whether the recent events are part of organized crimes orchestrated by parties to polarize votes for political mileage and to suggest proper mechanism to prevent deterioration of democratic system by overuse of polarization tactics leading to vast loss of lives and properties and displacement of people from their cozy homes.

3.     Judicial enquiries should be set up in case of some major events such as that occurred in Dadri, Dingerhedi, Paida village of Bijnore, Ayyub’s killing in Ahmadabad and the like.

4.     Due compensation should be made by the concerning governments to the victims and their families. A standard method should be evolved for equal compensation to people across the communities and proper rules be devised for immediate relief to the affected families.

5.     The role of media in protecting democracy, secularism and equality should be ensured and those media house should be strictly dealt with which go against these Constitutional goals of Indian society.

6.     The Communal Violence Bill should made law as soon as possible so that communal forces could be suitably dealt with for maintaining peace and law and order in the country.


On this occasion, Nusrat Ali vice-president of Jamat-e-Islami Hind, Navaid Hamid president of All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat, Maulana Abdul Hameed Noamani the general secretary of Jamiatul Ulama Hind, Asghar Ali Imam Mehdi of Jamiat Ahle Hadis, S. Raghvan of Lokraj Sanghthan, eminent Christian leader Dr John Dayal, prominent Dalit leader Ashok Bharti, human rights activist Advocate N.D. Pancholi, Devendra Bharti of Dalit federation AMOD, well known Dalit writer Anil Chamdiya, leading Muslim activist Dr. S.Q.R. Ilyas, Professor Er. Mohammad Salim the General Secretary of Jamat-e-Islami Hind, Jalal Hayder of All India Shia Council, Laeeq Ahmad Khan Aqil of Students Islamic Organisation of India, Sabbaq of Association for Protection of Civil Rights, Abdul Waheed Ameer of Jamat-e-Islami Hind Delhi & Haryana Zone, and others expressed their views.

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