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Batla House daredevil Mujahid is India’s emerging superhero in parkour

Mujahid Habib is an architect by profession. And after meeting him you won’t get any idea that this Batla House resident, who originally is from Rampur, is India’s emerging superhero in the sport of parkour.

Twenty-five-year-old Mujahid, who jumps, vaults and flies in the air from point A to B with ease, completed his architect degree from Jamia Millia Islamia in 2015 and now is preparing to take entry into MA course.

He told OT.COM that he has taken part in Bollywood and reality shows.

His story is most inspiring as he is a self-taught master of the game winning the national champion and representing India at international competition.

“It’s been a long time since I started practicing this discipline, when I started I try searching for parkour practitioners in India, but It was a disappointment. I started practicing with aim to make this sport popular in India and want to tell people around the world that we also practice parkour. I am still trying to reach that mark and thank to my team members (family), they make me feel proud.

“We all have achieved this without any resources like gym matrices or trainers, thanks to all of those who inspired us and helped us. There are too many but I want to thank #redbullindia for supporting us every time.

“Still we have a long path to travel. So do not give up nor give up hope. We all are special in our own way. And this is not just for my team but for everyone in India who is trying hard,” he said.

For Mujahid parkour is not just a sport or hobby or exercise, it is life for him as it connects his body, soul and environment.

“It is not only physical exercise but also mental one which requires a lot of imagination and creativity because you are using your surroundings as obstacles. It is a meditation and you learn how to find a way and what your special abilities are,” he said.

Despite achieving a lot in a short period of time, he wants to achieve more. Also, he and his fans have started a type of movement in Rampur to develop the sports, attracting youngsters.

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