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Okhla resident raises 2 questions, seeks answer from MLA Amanatullah

A Jamia Nagar resident shared a few photos of Okhla and has raised a few questions, seeking their answers from Okhla MLA Amanatullah Khan.


“Kindly forward the image to our Okhla MLA Amannatullah Khan. Who is going to fix the Nala on Hari Kothi road? When will it be fixed & how can we, the citizens on the road help to speed up the process if he feels … to complete the task. (It has being 3 years now, when he promised to have the Nala fixed as his first priority.)

“Also this one last question: When will the roads be fixed in Abul Fazal, Batla House and around Tikona Park areas?” wrote Muhammad Aasim Qamar.

OT.COM reported that the road condition in the locality is pathetic with residents facing hardship travelling on Abul Fazal Enclave road with a patch in bad shape, developing several potholes after rain.

Besides, the situation of roads in Batla House is not very good. However, it is understood that the roads would be in good position in coming days as the DMRC is paving roads in that area.

Moreover, with the arrival of monsoon and reports of cases of dengue, chikungunya and malaria coming forward, many Okhla residents are in fear as they still remember that several people had reportedly died of dengue last year.

Earlier, on being informed about the poor condition of roads in the locality, Amanatullah had said: “Ask the MCDs.”

To address the waterlogging issue, the MLA has started the work of building nallah at Okhla Head.

CAPTION: Photo by Aasim (shared a few days ago)

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