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The miswak: Europe’s latest discovery (video)

Ramzan is coming and you will find miswak being sold everywhere. Moreover, its use too will increase during the month of fast. From place to place one can find people selling miswak as it is regarded as a practice which Muhammad (PBUH) adopted.

A traditional and natural alternative to the modern toothbrush, it has a long, well-documented history and is reputed for its medicinal benefits. A Google search on miswak and its importance in Islam throws several findings.

A few of them are here:

(A salat offered after one has used a miswak is 70 times superior to the salat offered without it.) [Ibn Nejjar]

(Jabrael alaihis-salam recommended using a miswak so much that I feared that it would be made obligatory [fard].) [Ibn Majah]

(If I had not found it a hardship for my Ummah, I would order them to make wudu’ for every salat and to use miswak in every wudu’.) [Bukhari, Muslim]

(When you get up for Salat al-Layl, clean your mouth with a miswak because an angel comes close to the mouth of the person reciting the Qur’an in salat and listens to his recitation.) [Daylami]

(Your mouths are the pathways of the Qur’an, so clean them with a miswak.) [Abu Nu’aym]

(The five sunnats of prophets are as follows: haya [shame, modesty, bashfulness], mildness, blood-letting [hijamah], miswak, and fragrant scent.) [Tabarani]

(The miswak increases the eloquence of a man’s speech.) [Ibn Adiy, Hatib]

(Miswak cleans the mouth, sharpens eyesight, strengthens the gums, whitens the teeth, prevents tooth decay, facilitates digestion, restores the stomach to health, brings an end to the phlegm, and multiplies good deeds. A person using a miswak pleases Allahu ta’ala and delights angels.) [Abu Nu’aym]

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