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Report on Najeeb with sensitivity, media told

Some media outlets in their editions a day ago had falsely reported that Najeeb Ahmed, the JNU student who went missing from the campus on October 15 last year, has possibly joined the Islamic State, according to a release issued by Syed Azharuddin of SIO.

They have cited unnamed officials in the Delhi Police as sources for the story, said Azharuddin, adding the Delhi Police later today refuted this story and has said no such evidence exists.

“The JNU Students’ Union condemns this blatantly false reportage that is geared towards spreading misinformation about the case and erode the support that Najeeb’s family has been receiving from various political parties as also from extended family members.

“We appeal to the press to report on this matter with sensitivity and concern for Fatima Nafees, Najeeb’s mother, who has been relentlessly pursuing this case, with very little financial resources.

“We respect the rights of the press to report on matters with objectivity but we urge you to pay attention to the political aspects of this case and report the information given by the police with caution and criticality.

“The Delhi Police has been equally guilty in this case for not acting immediately after the disappearance, for not pursuing investigation into Najeeb’s assault before his disappearance.

“As reported by the media itself, the Delhi High Court lambasted the police in the last hearing on the habeas corpus case for their shoddy investigation,” he said.

The JNU Students’ Union organised a press conference today at the Press Club. Fatima Nafees, Mohit Pandey, JNUSU President, Nahas Mala (National president SIO) Nadeem Khan and Colin Gonsalves (lawyer for Fatima Nafees) addressed the press at 3 pm.

At the press conference, Najeeb’s younger brother Mujeeb Ahmed said: “It has been six months now, but Delhi Police have not got any clue. If Delhi Police have given such information (Najeeb was searching for IS), it is because they did nothing despite a long time passed. They should suspend who has done this and if Delhi police have not done this, then they should take action against all those media including TOI.


“Once it is said Najeeb was searching for info about ISIS and later Police rejected this. Ask us, what we are facing. When I see rubbish comments on social media about my brother, I only know what I feel. They will realize this if same thing happened to them.


“For the last six months the laptop and mobile of Najeeb are with the Police. If they (media) will defame us without any proof, we will take action.


“We are Muslims and now the mentality of people has become that Muslims are terrorists. And they accept it very easily.


“This is my humble request to the media to publish authentic story only; otherwise please don’t publish and tell the source of info about this specific story. We will certainly go to court against such media if they don’t tender apology and Police does not take any action.”


Najeeb’s mother Fatima Nafees urged the media to help her find Najeeb.


“Rather than help, media is giving us pain by saying Najeeb was linked to ISIS. We are Indians, ready to sacrifice ourselves for our nation, test us. Media is our strength, so please raise my voice rather than giving us pain.”


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