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9 points recommended to empower Mewat at Okhla talk

Shiksha Samvad: Mewat Educational Development organised a seminar at SIO headquarters in Abul Fazal Enclave today. Experts discussed ways to transform the locality.

In a release issued by SIO, its national secretary Syed Azharuddin said: “Make ‘Every Person Important’ by providing quality education to all.

Moreover, their recommendations are as follows:

1. Develop all the primary & High Schools on the pattern of Kendriya Vidyalaya’s

2. Provide Scholarship to 11th and 12th standard students

3. Run Education Awareness campaigns in all blocks

4. Develop High Schools in Taoru, Nuh, Ferozpur Jhirka and Punahana Tehsils

5. Establish Colleges in all blocks

6. Give admission to the Madrasa pass outs in schools & colleges on the pattern of AMU

7. Establish University in Nuh

8. Fill the vacant teaching positions in schools and sanction more teaching positions.

9. Government should ensure that physical activities are promoted in schools for the health & wellbeing of children.

“Mewat was carved out as district after dividing Gurgaon and Faridabad on April 4, 2005. After the division Mewat remained agriculturally and industrially backward.

“It lacked basic facilities such as education, health, transport and other amenities. According to 2011 census, 79.20 per cent of Mewatis are Muslims.

“Mewat which is the most backward area of the State has reported the worst literacy rate of 54.08 per cent. 493 primary schools exist in the district but only 45 High Schools are there, approximately 80 per cent Muslim concentrated district has 352 sanctioned positions for Sanskrit, 116 for Hindi and 03 for Urdu.

“A report claims that out of 1,62,000 students registered in primary schools, 48,000 reached class 8 and only 12,000 passed class 10 in the year 2015.

“There is an urgent need to restructure the Mewat Education system on the lines of common school system (CSS) to ensure equitable and quality education to all.

“The common school system commission of Bihar defines CSS as “a system of education providing education of an equitable quality to all children irrespective of their caste, creed, community, language, gender, economic condition, social status and physical or mental ability”.

“The Government should take strenuous efforts to provide quality education to all. The first step should be making compulsory for all the VIP’s, Government employees to educate their children in Government schools,” they said in the event.

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