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After being communally bullied in Metro, bearded Muslim elderly does something extraordinary that will make you feel proud of him

Usually it is seen that people don’t forgive their tormentors. However, this story of a bearded elderly man travelling on a metro is very different. Despite being forced to stand in Delhi Metro by hooligans and telling him to ‘Go to Pakistan’, the man sets example of rare tolerance and forgives them.

Moreover, since his travail was shared online by Women’s right activist Kavita Krishnan, the story has been doing the rounds with dailies even sharing the report.

According to Kavita, the incident took place in the Delhi Metro with the man being denied the seat and told to go to Pakistan. The activist wrote that senior trade union leader Santosh Roy was witness to the incident and even intervened.

This is what Kavita wrote on FB: “Last week, Comrade Santosh Roy, National Secretary of AICCTU and a long-standing leader of the DTC Workers’ Unity Centre, was travelling on the violet line of the Delhi metro. Opposite him, two young men were seated on the senior citizens’ seats. A senior citizen (who appeared to be Muslim because he had a beard and no moustache) came up to the young men and asked one of them to allow him to sit. The young men refused. When the senior citizen asked them again, the young men told him, “This seat is for Hindustanis not for Pakistanis like you. If you want a seat go to Pakistan and get it there.”

It is reported that it was then that Comrade Roy intervened.

She wrote: “Comrade Roy got up promptly and told the young men to apologise for their hate speech, and also to give the seat to the senior citizen. Some other young men came to the support of the two abusive young men, one of whom caught Comrade Roy by the collar and told him also to “Go to Pakistan.” Comrade Roy stood his ground, and several other passengers in the metro came to his support. When the metro stopped at Khan Market station, a guard entered the compartment. As the guard, accompanied by Comrade Roy and the elderly Muslim gentleman, took the two young men to the police chowki at Pandara Road, the young men’s other ‘supporters’ promptly deserted them. A complaint was filed at the police station, though the two young men kept threatening ‘Hamare log aa rahe hain’ (Our supporters will come).”

However, the elderly man showed tolerance and said that he was not interested in getting his complaint registered, wrote Kavita.

“The police offered to escort the elderly Muslim gentleman home, but he went home on his own. The next day onwards, Comrade Roy got calls from the police saying the young men wanted to apologise. He responded that he was not interested in an apology, and in any case the apology was not due to him in the first place, but to the elderly gentleman.” Some days later Comrade Roy visited the police chowki. There, the elderly gentleman had given a written statement that he accepted the apology from the two young men and that he had forgiven them keeping in mind their young age. The young men were contrite and made many apologies to Comrade Roy also, while their parents, who were also present, said that their sons had done a shameful and wrong thing.”

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