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The remains of demolished Abul Fazal's Shram Vihar (photo essay)


It was not that the police force swooped on Shram Vihar Abul Fazal Enclave Part III one morning like a vulture to dismantle the colony – home to some middle class and poor people – but the authorities had been sending warning to residents to move away of the ‘illegal’ colony.

But the residents never took the threat seriously and continued staying in the colony.

They never believed the government's claim that the colony was illegal as they had bought it. Builders too claimed that they had purchased the land from farmers and hence the land was hassle-free.

Equipped with documents and NOC, the Residents Welfare Association (RWA) was confident that nothing untoward would happen.

Also, they opened channel with politicians and officials to avoid demolition. Many among them were confident that nothing would happen that too after a recent City government’s statement that no demolition would take place.

But things changed today when police force landed in the area to demolish the area. Nearly 100 families, who resided in the colony, were helpless and despite many assurances nobody came to their rescue.

These pictures were taken after the colony was demolished.

Children of Md Atta erecting temporary shelter for night stay.


A broken water tank of a house.


Gate of a house and other items lay crushed in the debris.


Distressed Tanweer looking for her lost items.


Builder Waseem MP, who sold lands to residents, making a few points to the agitated crowd.


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