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Residents of Shram Vihar, Abul Fazal III, cry foul over move to demolish colony on Monday

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Yusuf Jamal is a worried man. For a few moths he has been moving around meeting politicians and bureaucrats and trying to convince them not to demolish his colony: Shram Vihar, Abul Fazal Enclave part III.

He is not alone. Owners of some 150 houses, including two mosques and one temple, in Shram Vihar, are having sleepless nights after an order to bulldoze the 'illegal' colony has been issued. On Monday officilas are to turn up for action, according to residents.

Resident Ajay Singh said we are unable to understand why the notice of demolishing the colony has been issued. “The government has already said that only vacant space outside 1,639 colonies will be occupied then how come our colony that has a population and where people have been living for long is on the target.”

A group of people from the colony even met Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit a few days ago to interfere in the matter. But till now nothing positive has taken place.

President RWA Shram Vihar Yusuf Jamal told OKHLATIMES that the CM sympathized with their case and referred the case to officials. “We met the officials to find out the reason for this demolition drive. But till now we haven’t got the right answer. They told us that they would be coming to the locality o Monday to demolish it as it is illegal.”

Carrying many documents and files to prove his point that his colony is not illegal, he said the residents had bought the lands from farmers in 1987 and since then many have been residing there.

“In the list of 1,639 unauthorized colonies that had got some sort of approval our colony was also approved. The filed number is 391 C. Initially, the rumour was swirling that the decision to demolish the colony was taken after metro station was coming here. The yard was to be made. But now that plan has been postponed. I don’t understand after all this why the colony is being demolished?”

Many are shocked with the development as it has come after CM Sheila Dikshi’s statement in July that no colonies will be demolished. OKHLATIMES had reported earlier about this in its July 4 story:  No illegal colony to be demolished: Delhi govt.

Saturday and Sunday being off days officials could not be contacted for their version. Local MLA Asif Md Khan told OKHLATIMES that the colony should not be demolished.

“The government has already announced that out of the existing 1,639 colonies no one will be demolished. As this colony comes under it then the question of its demolition doesn’t arise. Most of the people staying in the colony are poor. Where will they go if the colony is demolished?”

Despite Khan’s statement the residents continue to have restless time. They don’t know how to stop the resolute officials, who have promised to turn up on Monday, to demolish their colony.

Yusuf Jamal, Ajay and others have yet not given up. Till Sunday they were meeting politicians, officials and other influential people requesting them to interfere and stop the demolition. Will they succeed?

CAPTION: Yusuf Jamal, president RWA Shram Vihar, with the document to prove that his colony is legal. More photos on FACEBOOK

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