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Abul Fazal's Sharam Vihar wiped off Delhi map

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At about 4 PM Sharam Vihar in Abul Fazal Enclave part III wore a deserted look. After a few hours long demolition operation unleashed at about 7 AM today nothing was left of the colony, save bricks.

Distressed residents were seen trawling through the debris to lay hands on their utensils or items.

All efforts to save the colony have failed, said Ansar Mallick, who for the last few days was part of the delegation that met politicians, CM and officials.

“Nothing could be done. We never took the threat seriously as people were living in the colony. It was only in the morning when police sealed the area stopping people’s entry that we realized the seriousness of the matter. Though people rushed to Okhla MLA Asif Md Khan, who took the delegation to Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit requesting her interference, nothing could be done.”

MLA Khan told OKHLATIMES that he was unable to understand that how come the authorities demolished a colony that had received NOC. Also, he showed documents buttressing his statement.

“In the morning we met the CM and she called senior officials in front of us requesting them to stop demolition. At that time half the colony was demolished.  I don’t know what happened and the demolition continued until afternoon. “

Some residents have decided to take the case to the court seeking justice.

But right now many don’t have shelter over their head. Where will they go in this winter?

The officials stuck to their version that the colony was illegal and hence demolished. A beat official, who requested anonymity, said people have to go out of the area as fence will be erected soon.

A mosque and temple were not demolished.

Exclusive photos and video to follow. Developing story

CAPTION: The demolished colony (OT photo)

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Posted on 12.4.2012 at 1:31:0
I think this is the out of humanity of the administration and government. in cold season where they can take shelter. this the suggestion to all the residents to take action against this demolition which is the example of cruelty and make confirm mind to make this colony as good residential colony.


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