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Little angel performs feat by observing Ramzan fast

Little angel performs feat by observing Ramzan fast. In the month of Ramzan many children get excited and try to fast after getting inspired with their parents and elderly.

little angel perform fasting this ramzan
Arsala Khatoon
However, only a few among them manage to fast otherwise there are many cases in which children after spending their time playing break their fast midway.

The case of Arsala Khatoon, 4 and 6-month-old Jamia Nagar girl, is different. She has made her family proud by observing first fast of her life on Sunday, a milestone by any standard.

Md Rashid told OKHLATIMES that Arsala observed fasting yesterday and managed the show very well. “After watching us observe fast, she insisted to keep fast and we didn’t stop her. We just kept an eye on her to make sure that she was not being hurt or in pain. Everything went on perfectly and she broke the fast on time,” said Md Rashid, a resident of Abul Fazal Enclave.

Arsala’s accomplishment is praiseworthy as many healthy people even thing twice to observe fast in the scorching heat with temperature soaring, said another resident. “It is really hard to observe fast this season with temperature on the boil,” he said.

There are many children in Okhla and elsewhere who observe fast in Ramzan. Moreover, Islam doesn’t require a child to observe fast. Also, doctors feel that small children are not capable of fasting. But the case of this little angel performing feat by observing Ramzan fast is different.

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