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Letter to editor: Khan writes from Canada

In a letter to the Editor from Canada: The story of a girl being asked to take her scarf during her journey on Delhi metro has solicited a few comments on the social media.

Seema Khan from Ottawa, Ontario, wrote: “Hardly an issue. I’m stunned at how these women are able to capture media attention where as in the west crime after crime is being committed against women in domestic situations with an absence of outrage by everyone.

“The woman should get over it & the media should focus on more important matters that threaten the rights & status of women instead of a stupid incident involving yet another stubborn Muslim woman in a hijab who expects the enforcers of the law to give her a detailed explanation of why they are conducting searches a certain way on a certain day!! That’s ludicrous. There is a proper channel to complain within the Metro hierarchy but these women w/their false modesty want to be in the media yet are lazy to file a proper complaint to make changes that will help everyone IF in fact there was an infraction.”

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