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Know what prompted Feroz to write letter to the Editor

After reading the report published in OT about broad daylight robbery in Okhla where a trader was attacked with a bat and huge sum was snatched from him, Feroz Khan reacted to the event.

“It’s seriously a high time we worked together to stop crimes in our locality. Police is good for nothing and do nothing to nail these criminals. I have noticed a lot of drug addicted guys walking around in every area of Jamia Nagar start from Jaitpur to Tooba Colony of Zakir Nagar.

“I assume most of the emotionless hitting the victim incidents just for money and stealing are nothing but a random pick by these drug addicted guys. We have to stand up before this fire engulfs our own home. You could be their next target!! Prepare, Beware, correct together!” he wrote to OKHLATIMES.

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