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Kidney disease and test: You should know about these symptoms

What are the few symptoms kidney diseases? This and other questions dominated in a one-day “Kidney Awareness Health Camp” held on Friday in Jamia Millia Islamia’s Social Work Department by the university’s National Service Scheme, reports Shubham Pandey.

While replying to a student’s question about the symptoms, Dr AS Narulla of Fortis Escorts Hospital said problems like discomfort in breathing, swelling, less urine and hemoglobin formation are the basic symptoms of kidney diseases which are easily notable and such people should immediately go for albomin and Gfr test to their nearest doctor as he specifically said in medical science, every disease could be curable if proper and timed consultation and treatment is taken.

The camp was supported by Fortis Escorts and LG Life Sciences India Pvt. Ltd. in order to create awareness on the complications and myths related to kidney on the campus.

The camp was presided by Jamia’s National Service Scheme Programme Coordinator & Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences, Prof NU Khan and facilitated by Programme Officer Dr Abid Husain, consisted of the events mainly focused on the issues related to kidneys, which initially had a lecture by Dr AS Narulla of Fortis Escorts Hospital in which he emphasised the importance of healthy kidney by saying that this as small as a closed fist sized organ of our body, apart from purification of blood and excretion of nitrogenous waste, it also has an important role of secreting hormones vital for the formation of hemoglobin.

On alarming rate of increase in kidney patients, Dr Narulla mentioned that as per the sample survey by an agency, 180 million out of 1.3 billion of India’s population every year are the new patients related to kidney disorders which can happen to anyone irrespective of any age group, which earlier used to be assumed a disorder of only aged people which is a myth persisting in society.

This camp was followed by urine test of the participants in order to diagnose any early age kidney problems, a march within the university for the same cause and poster making competition where prizes were given to first, second and third position holders with the sole objective of generating awareness on increasing kidney patients in the country.

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