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Some Kashmiris negative action in Okhla makes news in Valley

It was a few days ago when somebody knocked at my door. I noticed two youngsters, including a teenager girl, standing at the door requesting for help, reports okhladiary.

On being asked the young said they were from the Valley and their father was undergoing treatment for cancer in a hospital in Old Delhi.

He was carrying some papers with him to buttress his case. The teenage girl who was covering head with a dupatta pleaded for help claiming that her father had undergone chemotherapy and needed money urgently. They said they were brothers and sisters.

Residents claimed that these days they come across people from Kashmir who seek help and make up strange stories. It is not known how many of them get help from the locals, who usually are not willing to be convinced with their stories of distress.

Since the incident happened, I was just thinking how to go about until I came across a story on the net that highlighted the fact that people back in the Valley are not happening with the turn of events.

“Some people came to us some time back in Okhla and said that they are residents from border areas of Kashmir valley and have suffered due to the turmoil in the valley. Besides, they seek money from people by saying that their families were displaced due to the conflict,” Hashim Sufi, a Kashmiri who lives in Okhla in New Delhi told Kashmir Life.

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  1. R u trying to defame Kashmiris ? It happnes everywhere . In Delhi for especially in Okhla you get to see people coming from all over India asking for help and making up different stories like you labelled in your article.
    What are you trying to proove from your article

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