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Junaid lynching: Okhla warriors turn up at Okhla Railway Station to distribute pamphlets; know what happened as activist Nazia gives firsthand account

Junaid lynching: Some activists from Okhla turned up at Okhla Railway Station on July 5 to distribute pamphlets. Junaid Khan, 17, was stabbed to death after an altercation inside a train near Ballabhgarh, Haryana during his return to his hometown from Delhi after Eid shopping.

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Of many local activists including Rasheed Agwan, Nazia Hassan was also one among them. She gives a first-hand account of what really happened when they were on a mission at the Okhla Railway Station to distribute pamphlets to create awareness about brotherhood and peaceful co-existence.

“On July 5, three volunteer networks of Okhla area distributed some 4,000 pamphlets to daily commuters alighting from trains at Okhla Railway Station, from where the killers of Hafiz Junaid allegedly took the train.

“Most people appreciated the drive. However, after sometime, some people assembled there and tried to create a scene. Seeing our mission fulfilled we left. No ruckus was created as we didn’t get into any heated argument with the people who had assembled. The authorities were informed earlier. We had landed there at about 4 pm and after more than 50 minutes we saw some people walking to us and trying to know about our intentions.

“The mob that came later on objected for giving pamphlets to the passengers written in Hindi. After reading the pamphlet and seeing Junaid’s name there, a person said: ‘Why are you people making Junaid a hero?’ Another person said the boy was teasing girls in the compartment. We knew that they were making up stories to tarnish his image. We didn’t argue. We realised that they were waiting for our reactions to create trouble, but we managed things well and left the area. One person even asked my identity to which I said police have it,” said Nazia Hassan.

People from Volunteers of Change, Khudai Khidmatgar and India Against Mob Lynching were with us in our mission to create awareness, she said.

It has been reported that the madrassa student wearing skull cap was killed by some train passengers when an altercation between him and some five unknown accused took place on the train. At the time of incident, Junaid’s brothers Hashim and Sakir were also present. The two also were also attacked by the mob but survived.

To find out the culprits, the Government Railway Police (GRP) on Monday announced a reward of Rs 2 lakh for providing information of the main suspect involved in the killing. Till now the cops have arrested four men, according to a daily report.

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