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This seasonal fruit beneficial in ‘controlling diabetes’ beyond the reach of many

Seasonal fruits are popular in India and they are easily available. Earlier, they were found cheap. However, now things have change with rise in prices of fruits, several season fruits have gone beyond the reach of many people due to their high prices.

In Okhla too vendors are seen selling them. Of many seasonal fruits, jamun is a popular one and many say that it is good for sugar patient. As 250 gram of jamun is being sold for Rs 40 many residents are finding it hard to purchase it.

When asked from the vendor the reason behind the high price of this fruit, he said: “The season of jamun is coming to an end and hence the price rise.”

“The fruit is good one as somebody told me that it should be ate as it helps diabetic patients,” said Okhla resident Rizwan, adding that however its high price is stopping many residents from consuming it.

On doing a google search, several write-ups propped up talking about the health benefits of jamun. One such report said it is known to improve blood sugar control.

“This fruit is 82 per cent water and 14.5 per cent carbohydrates. It contains no sucrose and has hypoglycemic effect that helps reduce blood and urine sugar levels. Besides the pulp, the seed of jamun is also very beneficial in controlling diabetes.”

OT.COM was unable to get these benefits mentioned in reports verified by any doctor and hence residents are suggested to first get its diabetes benefit claims checked by professionals.

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