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How Jamia’s ‘Ramjas moment’ averted; blow-by-blow account

When clash broke in JNU and then DU, there were many who were talking is Jamia next? For months Jamia appears to be a peaceful campus with law-abiding students busy in their studies getting right guidance with teachers.

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But that peace was threatened today when some students objected to an event’s inauguration being held with dia lighting and not recitation of Quran which is years’ old university tradition.

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The situation was tense and many feared that Jamia’s Ramjas moment has come. But timely intervention by teachers and some students brought the situation under control, according to eyewitnesses.

Sources said they were apprehensive that the moment has come but teachers managed the show efficiently by convincing the students not to disrupt event as it would give the university a bad name. Students agreed at last.

Now, the fear is: How long the peace will last.

A student on the condition of anonymity said there were some tense moments during the event organised by FANS (Forum for Awareness of National Security) whose earlier event on February 16 debate on social relevance of triple talaq discrimination and empowerment was cancelled for reasons best known to the administration.

A student, who participated in a protest in DU today, said they were told that some Left-leaning teachers would take out protest against the event but nothing like this happened.

OT.COM was unable to authenticate this claim independently.

Another student said some students sitting in the back started shouting shame, shame as the event was started with diya lighting. It was then that they were taken out of the Engineering Faculty where the event was being held.

The students tried to get in, however, things were managed with some tense moments that were managed by teachers smartly, said the source, adding that the event was held peacefully with some students not happy with it but students showed extraordinary restraint.

The programme ended peacefully.

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